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This site is open to sponsored posts/links only if the outcome is mutually beneficial, I receive a lot of emails asking for free sponsorship and advertisement with no publishing incentive. For sponsored posts, please email me at with your time scale and budget for a successful response. As you should understand, a lot of time and effort goes into maintaining good content for my readers and companies asking for an advertisement for free will be ignored.

I will not jeopardise my ethics, morals or standards for the sake of sponsored posts and the incentive of payment will not sway my decision in what I think of a service, product or brand. I do not accept products in exchange for positive enforcement. All products in correlation to sponsored posts, gifted items and collaborative ideas will be specified so my readers can identify for themselves something worked on with a company. I want the best for my blog, my readers and will only promote things I feel that will be mutually beneficial to myself and my reputation as well as my readers knowledge of better alternatives and other sources of fashion, lifestyle, travel and beauty products.

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