A warm welcome to EssyEntials. Home of the aspirational woman. A lifestyle magazine for and by women where we aim to inspire, support, encourage each other and share the ingredients for a more fulfilling, successful, healthier and happier lifestyle. The place to be where we can keep it real and celebrate each other’s achievements, alongside giving each other a boost when needed. A place where we learn and embrace self worth, self love, respect and can be proud of our individual, unique qualities and identities. A place where there are opportunities to connect and network with other aspiring women in aid of self growth and success. EssyEntials truly believes behind every successful woman is herself and a tribe of other successful women who have her back.

How did Essyentials come to life? Ester Van der Vlies started blogging in 2015 as a way of expressing her personal journey of self development from a person with low self confidence  and personal struggles to catwalk and published model. Encouraged by the growing support from hundreds of women who were inspired by her blogs, Ester founded EssyEntials an online community for women to support and encourage each other.

By 2017 Ester was speaking in the Houses of Parliament, becoming an influential figure for women affected by domestic abuse and self empowerment. Now EssyEntials has become a popular online magazine and community, with talented contributors producing the raw ingredients for every aspirational woman’s lifestyle.

In 2018 EssyEntials has updated the website, introduced an online store for its readers and is actively seeking new partners, who can contribute positively to the community.

Let’s all be winners and inspire each other to be the best version of you!




Photograph credit: Gary Hill