Take your skin on a tropical holiday…

“Have you had Botox?”

“No I haven’t. Why?”

“Have you had your eyes done then?”

“No, you cheeky sod”, I replied to my boyfriend when I walked through the door and I hadn’t seen him for nearly a week.

“Well you’ve had something done – you look younger!”

“Ohh Baby, it must be this new product I have been using called Tropic skincare!”

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Yes, ladies I must admit I was super surprised with the above conversation myself. Firstly for the simple reason that the results after only using Tropics products for about two weeks were so noticeable. Secondly because let’s be honest, the average dude wouldn’t even notice if you did a Britney Spears and shaved all your hair off!

Let me reassure I haven’t done a Britney and neither have I visited an aesthetic clinic recently. Not only has my boyfriend noticed my skin looking smoother and more youthful, my close girlfriends have been complimenting my skin too. From telling me my skin has a healthy dewy glow, to stating it looks so hydrated. Especially with the colder weather, heating on full blast and overindulging during the Christmas period you would think my skin would look more ‘Nah” than ‘Yeah” right now!

So let me introduce you to Tropic Skincare and the products I have been using…

A couple of weeks back I was lucky to meet Tropic Ambassador Lisa Shimmin at a women’s networking event where I spoke about the Power of Social Media. Chatting away to Lisa I couldn’t help but notice how perfect her skin looked even with minimal make up.

A firm believer in handing out compliments and giving credit when due Lisa, a former secondary school teacher, enthusiastically told me she uses and sells Tropics Skincare products and kindly gave some Tropic products saying with the biggest smile, ”I know you will fall in love with these products too”.


That night I tried the award winning and best selling Smoothing Cleanser complexion purifier that came with a cute little reusable bamboo face cloth. This product is created for all skin types and this luxurious cream cleanser effortlessly melts away make up and impurities while providing a nourishing daily cleanse.

I noticed straight away how clean my skin felt yet fresh. All you need to do is massage 2-4 pumps onto dry skin over your eyes, face and neck and magically it will dislodge impurities, stimulate circulation and remove all make up. The Bamboo Cloth is designed to gently wipe away all impurities and excess make up.

Lisa also gave me the Super Greens nutrient boost oil. The smell was so tropical and it’s designed to fast-absorb, calm and repair your skin overnight. It’s packed with vitamins and nutrients that help fight the effects of everyday pollution. All you have to do is massage 3-6 drops into your face and neck and voila all night long it will work its magic.

My favourite Tropic product, which I don’t want to live without anymore is the Elixir Age-defying Omega Oil. Maybe partly because the brightly coloured orange oil reminds me of my home country The Netherlands, plus it smells absolutely delicious. This product has been designed to smooth, deeply hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. Since using this product the compliments I have had off my boyfriend and girlfriends really don’t lie! It’s so super easy to use. All you have to do is apply 2-6 drops to your face, neck and décolletage and massage in upward circular motions. This luxurious omega packed golden oil helps to promote an even skin tone and provide a smoother, radiant, more youthful complexion in just weeks.

What I really am digging about Tropic is that it’s so affordable and long lasting as you need such a small amount for great results. You too can discover this multi award-winning range of skincare, freshly made in the UK using only innovative, effective ingredients that nature has to offer. They are also certified vegan and cruelty-free, as well as being a carbon neutral company.

Lisa was right! I did fall in love with Tropic Skincare and not only me… my boyfriend seems to love the products too after pinching them!

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