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Why this year I am embracing the Ghost of Christmas Past…

I took my time last night to decorate the other Christmas tree. ‘The kids tree’ as I like to call it.

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Posing with a glass of Domaine Leroy Chambertin Grand Cru (only joking – it was a cheap Barefoot one) at 1am in the morning with chilled out Ibiza tunes blasting out instead of the more appropriate Christmas carols, I probably have been disqualified for the mother of the year award!

The decorations for this tree have been collected throughout the years with my childrens cute (and lets be honest less cute – but equally as valuable) home and school made Christmassy creations.
Every year I use to buy a few new colourful decorations to add to this tree and over the years this tree has become a tree full of memories and representing growth.

No more new decorations have been added to this tree for two years now. Therefore this year this tree tells me a completely different story.
It tells me the story of learning to let go. It has taught me that nothing last forever and life is all about collecting new memories and spending time with the people that truly matter.

Let me break this down…

For many of you this tree might not be the most beautiful looking tree. However every decoration on this tree shows me the beautiful story of how my children have grown into incredible teenagers with a zest for learning and self development whilst having kind hearts.
It tells me it’s not how it looks on the outside that matters – but how it makes you feel on the inside.

With my marriage breaking down Christmas time did change dramatically. I think I never will get used having to share, which means this Christmas I will not see much of my children and that truly sucks!

However it has taught me it’s ok to let go and to embrace change. It’s ok to bend the rules a little and have Christmas a day later. As long as you create new – and yes they might be slightly different to what you were used to – long lasting memories.

I guess what I am trying to say here is…

If your Christmas this year might be a tough one for what ever reason. It’s perfectly ok to grieve past Christmases. If you can’t spend time this Christmas with the ones you love do try and keep hold of the old memories and have faith that you can and you will create new ones – equally as valuable – to add your own life story.

Peace and light ❤ xxx

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