FOREVER ALOE BIO-CELLULOSE MASK… the perfect winter skin care 

Face masks are forever (little word play here!) growing in popularity and are the perfect way to switch up your skin care routine now the winter months have arrived. 

The cold weather outside combined with the central heating on full blast indoors can be very harsh on your skin.  Therefore adopting a good winter skin care routine is most definitely not a luxury.  When the lovely Sue Richards and Nick Richards, directors at Enriched International, asked me to test drive this brand new product I was delighted to pencil a much needed pamper night in my diary with my good self. 


How to use this fabulous product  


It really couldn’t be easier to apply and remove this Forever Bio-Cellulose face mask and steal 20 minutes of sheer bliss whilst the mask is putting lots of goodness back into your skin. 


All you have to do is open and remove the packaging, peel off one layer from the mask, apply the mask to your face, remove the outer laying and press the mask gently onto your skin.  Of course avoiding your eyes. Then lean back and relax for 20 minutes and let this mask work its magic.  


The benefits of the Forever Bio-Cellulose Mask 


Where do I start!  Forever’s Aloe Bio-cellulose Mask provides powerful hydration. Just what we are looking for to maintain a perfect winter skin care routine. Its bio-cellulose fibres will fit the contours of your face perfectly and will deeply moisturise to ensure all the ingredients penetrate the fine lines and wrinkles traditional sheet masks often fail to reach. The pure aloe and seagrass with the bio-cellulose fabric will soothe, soften and condition your skin. This mask has also been enriched by a moisturising serum of green tea and horse chestnut that rejuvenates dull skin by combatting the signs of ageing and reducing the appearance of redness. 

The mask is suitable for all skin types.  


A little Geek fact! 


This environmental friendly mask is compostable. After using aloe bio-cellulose mask you can throw the mask in the garden. It’s 100% compostable, which means as it breaks down, it delivers nutrients back into the earth. It takes about six weeks for the mask to break down.  How cool is that!  


My personal experience  


I have to shamefully admit my skin looked pretty dull after a weekend enjoying my indulgence of Prosecco and was in need of some TLC. This mask definitely gave life back to my skin!  

Afterwards my skin felt super soft and looked hydrated. The dark circles under my eyes were less visible and my cheeks appaer to have that healthy dewy glow.  


If you are looking to give your skin a treat during the cold winter months I warmly welcome you to contact Sue Richards to get your hands on one of these amazing Forever Bio-Cellulose Mask. 


Invest in your skin. Its going to represent you for a long time 


Keep warm and glowing!  

Essy ❤️ xxx

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