5 benefits of outsourcing social media management

Is your Social Media in need of a professional makeover? Are recent posts not attracting and engaging your audience? Do you hang your head in shame when somebody mentions they have been on your Facebook or Instagram page? Here are 5 benefits on how your business would blossom by having your Social Media professionally managed.

Keep your Social Media looking relevant, modern and inviting.

A trusted friend gave me some advice years ago to start seeing Social Media as a beautiful garden or an eye-catching shop front. Is your Social Media looking tidy with no unsightly weeds?

Is it full of harmonious colours and patterns making it look fresh and welcoming? Is there show-stopping and consistent content so people are instantly drawn in and would like to find out more?

Having an expert managing your social media is like hiring a gardener to take care of your lawns and bedding, suddenly you start to realize that your profile can blossom and look beautiful with some tender loving care from a dedicated specialist.

To achieve and maintain that up to date look is both time-consuming and skilful, which is often a struggle for business owners to achieve.

Save precious time by outsourcing social media management

According to the 2018 Social Media Marketing Industry Report 64 percent of marketing teams report spending six or more hours each week on Social Media. Running your own business is a full-time job in most cases, leaving you not with very little spare time. Let alone giving you the head space to post relevant content and engage enthusiastically with your audience to grow your own online community steadily.

Hiring an expert to manage the day-to-day activity will save your time and remove the constant reminder guilt that you should be doing more with your social media. Removing a recurring job from your to-do-list is always a great step forward for an entrepreneur and business owner.

Experts know how to use Social Media strategies


Your profiles and platforms need to be up to date to attract visitors and new customers. It’s essential to post frequently using relevant engaging content but you have to do this in a way that the platforms will give you a helping hand. Being up to date on social media will ensure the latest search, discovery and promotional benefits of the networks themselves are being used to their full potential. Knowing this can help accelerate your brand and reach online rather than disappearing into oblivion simply because you don’t know how to optimize your posts for the networks you are on.

Experts are up to date with all these latest techniques and are constantly discovering new ways to accelerate online growth helping your business flourish.

Keep your Social Media Management ‘social’

Let’s be honest we are all a little tired of being overwhelmed with unsocial pushy sales content clogging up our news feed. Just pushing out sales messages and your own business information will not work; people do not go onto social media to be sold too. You must engage with your audience and foster conversation and discussion.

A business or brand that has built emotional connections with its followers and who are aligned with their customers values and aspirations will succeed online.

Having your Social Media managed by experts will help you to keep your Social Media what it exactly should be… ‘social’. Outsourcing your social media management will help you to keep up to date with your followers comments, deal with complaints professionally and all other inquiries in a fast and personal manner. 

Growing your business effectively online


Television, radio, trade press and magazines used to be great places to advertise your business, they are all dying! Read this extract from the bottom of every post currently on the Guardian Newspaper website:


The revenues from our newspaper had diminished and the technologies that connected us with a global audience had moved advertising money away from news organisations.


There is an incredible opportunity to make the most out of social media whilst most businesses are still trying to market themselves as if it was still 2003 when Facebook didn’t exist!

However, the opportunity to grow at such a low-cost and attract many new customers will not always be this easy, as advertising money moves to social media so the competition and costs will increase.  Playing with social media now and not dedicating resource to it will be a huge regret to many businesses in the coming years.

A dedicated and experienced team can help you get the most out of growing your business online. They are skilled in using the social media networks and have established methods and systems for online success. Giving your business the investment in skills and time it needs to flourish online and freeing you to run your business

If you resonate with these challenges and want to explore outsourcing your social media management then get in touch with Social Proof Media by clicking www.socialproof.media or contact essy@socialproof.media.

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