Is the iPad Pro the perfect Social Media management tool?

Having played around with my new toy for a week or so, the latest 2018 version of the Apple iPad Pro, I already can’t begin to imagine doing social media management without it and so I decided to share a review with you all.

How the iPad Pro has enriched my life

The iPad Pro has been around for three years now. However I managed to keep myself going on the old, abandoned and super slowwwwww (get my point!) computer of my children (feel free to imagine an utterly frustrated me having endless arguments cursing in Dutch battling with this ancient machine trying to keep on top of my workload!) together with a Samsung Android mobile, both for my work and pleasure.

I was either hunched over my small mobile device for hours on end, not exactly good for your posture as a mature model and not at all kind on your eyesight.

Or I was stuck at home in front of the pc trying to get jobs finished at an annoyingly snail pace tempo. It’s obvious to state I feel like I am flying high right now and the iPad Pro couldn’t have come into my life at a better time as my work load is picking up rapidly and steadily with already so many happy clients jumping on board with what we have to offer here at Social Proof Media.

The super lightweight 12.9 inch iPad Pro fits perfectly in my handbag with a Smart Keyboard Folioprotecting the front and back of the iPad Pro perfectly. If you are like me able to break things on a daily basis trying your hardest NOT too, the Smart Keyboard Folio, which attaches magnetically to the back of the IPad with no switches or plugs you could trip over or get tangled up in, is a total lifesaver for all the clumsy ones amongst us.

Apple has been promoting the iPad Pro as a computer that can replace your laptop alongside being able to run mobile phone apps effectively for example Instagram. Like anything else there are always heaps of pro’s and cons but this device is just perfect for me working for Social Proof Media offering Social Media management packages to help your business flourish online too.

The Social Proof Media team also includes a specialist video production team, SEO, publishing, sales funnels and paid advertising.

Whether you need a helping hand with your website, written content, managing your Social Media or need more leads and sales for your business, the Social Proof Media team have the perfect proposition to help your business get ahead of your competition.

Social Media Managment and productivity in one IPad

Typing away on my iPad Pro this sleek looking easy-to-hold design, with super fast performance and an incredibly sharp 12 megapixel camera, has already proven to be a total Godsend for producing personal Social Media content for Essyentials and Mad about Manchester, as well as for all the other companies I am currently managing accounts for. What I found particularly useful is the split screen option.

This allows me to keep writing and producing engaging content whilst researching, playing an inspiration YouTube video to keep me going or blast out the latest Calvin Harris tune at the same time as editing beautiful images or chatting to potential new customers whilst making sure the accounts for existing customers are being updated.

The iPad Pro has enabled me to manage many different companies accounts more productively and more efficiently and I couldn’t be more excited right now. Being able to download the appropriate phone apps I am now able to produce scheduled Instagram and Facebook posts, create little engaging videos posts and show during a meeting with potential customers our exciting sales package options.

The generous four speakers on the iPad Pro really don’t remember me of previous any iPads or mobile phone speakers. The clear and crisp sound on this device is seriously fantastic. If your 12 year old start asking you the turn the volume down as he can’t t hear himself think it must be pretty good hey (or could it just my bad taste in music?)!

The iPad Pro on the go

The new Apple Pencil is definitely on my Christmas list. A total hero at not being able to find one single Bic pen after only recently purchasing a pack of 20 or ironically picking up a pen that just ran out of ink when desperately in need of one, the IPad Pro pencil magnetically attaches itself to the side of the iPad. This will keep the battery of the pencil wirelessly charged as well as always having a pen within easy reach.

With Apple’s promise of a battery life up to 10 hours this device is perfect to bring along to meetings or network events. Especially with the Smart Keyboard Folio making it so comfortable to use on a desk or even on your my lap and the Apple Pencil just perfect to jot notes down during conference calls.

If like me when you are on the phone have the urge to sketch some random looking stick figures down the Apple Pencil will bring you so much pleasure! Or if you like to take some high-quality photographs whilst on your travels as mentioned before the camera and editing options are truly mind-blowing.

I guess it’s pretty clear I am already a huge fan of the iPad Pro and if like me you will be using it a lot, making your Social Media profile stand out from the crowd I believe the efficiently and the possibilities thanks to this clever device will not let you down either.

If you are struggling to find time to keep your Social Media looking on point I welcome you to get in touch and find out how me and my trusted iPad Pro can help you.

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