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My personal experience with Social Media 

If I would get a pound for the question:”Essy, how come you have such a loyal following and you get so many likes, comments and shares”, I would buy myself a ticket to the sunshine right now and top up my tan! The truthful answer is genuine engagement with appealing and consistent content presented to the right audience.  Growing your Social Media presence is a bit like planting a tree.  With the correct care in a suitable environment you are able to plant your roots firmly and it will start to branch out quickly, enabling to start converting followers into customers.  However if you are running a business the last thing you have is precious time spending hours on line organically growing and connecting with potential customers.

With Social Media becoming a very crowded place it’s getting more difficult to stand out from the crowd and find your audience in your niche.  However Social Media remains one of the most effective ways to grow your business and brand online. Keeping ahead of all the constant changes is very time consuming for any business or entrepreneur to stay on top of the game. These days Facebook can push out up to three to four updates daily. Anyone that manages a Facebook page will have experienced that for example the recent algorithm change can affect how many followers will get to see your posts and therefore can affect your business negatively. Trying to keep up to date with theses changes is almost a full time job. Creating consistent and strong content in an engaging way that will draw new customers to your page definitely requires dedication, commitment and the knowledge how to get noticed for all the right reasons.

Starting out as a total Social Media virgin three years ago promoting my modelling images gaining lots more booked shoots rapidly and my passion to inspire and empower women, I quickly found out how to keep my audience wanting more and grow organically. I also learned quickly what not to do, the importance of educating yourself with the latest changes to keep on top of the game.


Paid Social Media outsourching packages

Fast forward to today I am now managing accounts for a number of businesses, helping them achieve their goals online. Realising that the skills I have learned over the last few years are helping many different businesses is very rewarding. Therefore me and the team have now have decided to extend this service to business of all sizes across the UK.

I am writing this article firstly to show my gratitude for all those that have followed and supported me over the last three years, especially the people that have educated me on writing interesting blogs, publishing, editing and keep on growing steadily online. However what I am even more excited about is sharing my knowledge, my dedication and social media skills how to help other businesses grow to their full potential. Together with the Social Proof Media team, which includes specialist in video production, SEO, publishing, sales funnels and paid advertising I believe we have the perfect proposition to help your business flourish too. Whether you need a helping hand with your website, written content, managing your social media or need more leads and sales for your business I believe we have the perfect offering.

I am now working with a luxury watch company, a physio therapy practice in Berkshire, a software company, a care home and multiple hospitality venues and I couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come next. One of the benefits working with the team and a wide range of different businesses most definitely is picking up additional knowledge in area’s I never would have imagined and putting these into practice and seeing impressive results.

Great Social Media Practice

I think it’s crucial to keep social media ‘social’ because lets be honest we all get a tad irritated if we get bombarded with offers or posts we don’t want to see to our timelines. However knowing how to reach the right audience whether it be for customer acquisition or engaging with existing customers for repeat business has become my passion. We can help to focus your proposition: to the most suitable social media network from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to Pinterest; Optimise your social media profiles; post evergreen content; use targeted content for the appropriate user profile; posting at the most impactful time and responding to your followers comments and inquiries.

If you feel after reading this your business could benefit from our expertise, I would welcome hearing from you.  We are here to listen and find out where we could help you and your business. Whether it’s making your website more appealing to your customers; building sale funnels; creating more leads or running your social media lets have a informal chat. I believe if you start to prioritise social medal with the same importance as your sales force or your PR then your business can start to thrive online like so many of our clients.


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