Hello November…. lets create some ‘me time’

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“I have too many clothes”, said no woman ever!

Now I have your attention I might as well milk it a little longer with what’s been on my mind today. Hell yeah, by all means do buy that new top if it makes you feel good. But now you are at it and with this I mean looking after yourself, make sure you create some quality ‘me time’ too.
“Always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive”
Today I had a chat with two totally different women but with similar stories. Who ever told them it’s selfish to have some ‘me time’ – they clearly lied too! Both women felt they were on their last legs and spinning way too many plates. Both nearly in tears and apologising for it. Both giving it their all to be the best mum, partner, friend, daughter and colleague. Day in, day out! However they both are forgetting to be their own best friend. When I asked: “Why don’t you take a little time out to nurture you and do something that makes you happy”? One replied: “I have let my friends down so many times, getting caught up in my work and caring for my son, they don’t ask me anymore’. To which I swiftly replied without even thinking: ‘The only person you let down here is you’. The other replied: ‘I am way too exhausted and would only feel guilty if I did”. To which I just had to answer: “Exhaustion is the biggest indicator you are in need of some quality me time”.
“Self-compassion is simply giving the same kindness to ourselves that we would give to others”.
I am a super star myself at spreading myself thin and wanting to be everything to everybody at times. However I have also learnt by creating a little me time, by just being by myself for a bit or doing something that makes me happy, I am a much better version of me for others to enjoy too. It has been proven by just taking 15 minutes per day out to be on your own, you will become a healthy and happier you. Whether you spend this time painting your toe nails, having a bubble bath, reading a book, going for a stroll or meditate, it doesn’t really matter. Lets make a pact and lets start this brand new November month with spending just 15 minutes (or more) a day on nurturing yourself.  
Taking care of myself doesn’t mean ‘me’ first. It means ‘me’ too.
The moral of this story!  I really believe with a good balance you can have it all! The new top, be good to everybody that matters whilst also being kind to yourself. 
Keep loving you!
Essy, ❤ xxx

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