One for my fellow vapers… one pound quality e-liquids delivered to your doorstep

Yes you did read that right! E-liquids for only one pound per 10ml bottle, available at the click of a button from the comfort of your home.  Now before any of you tell me that vaping is bad for me, I hear you! However it’s my chosen vice and guilty pleasure. So let’s drop it right here, agree to disagree and leave discussing the possible vaping health risks for another blog. If vaping isn’t for you, which I totally respect, feel free to get on with your daily activities. For all you vape lovers out there please stay tuned a little longer to find out how you too can get your hands on a 1 pound per e-liquid bottle without even having to leave your home.

I am currently test vaping the peppermint gum flavour for whilst typing away I must say I really can’t tell the difference between this budget priced e-liquid and the more expensive ones. I have tried cheaper brands before, which often left me with a hacking cough or a dry throat, so I quickly returned to the more expensive ones. As a true Dutchy I like a bargain and watch my pennies, but I do expect premium quality. This peppermint gum e-liquid is giving me a right kick in the back of my throat and leaves a lovely fresh taste behind. A big fan of minty flavoured e-liquids the cool mint and triple menthol e-liquid doesn’t disappoint. The cool mint kept perfectly hold of that cold sensation in my mouth, whilst the triple menthol tasted so refreshing leaving my taste buds wanting another puff or two.

The guys behind the have been around since vaping became very popular in 2008 and their excellent customer service is one of the keys to their success. For many years they have been dispatching orders daily so there really is no need to have that feeling of sheer panic thinking you have run out of your stash of e-liquids. They use only the highest quality pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients, which conform to British and European safety standards. All their e-liquids are thoroughly tested and registered. They have in-house mixologists whose mission it is to create the finest quality flavours without ever compromising on quality and I can confirm this with every puff while taste testing their huge range of delicious flavours.

Feeling a bit fruity I decided to give the wild blueberries e-liquid a try. The sweet blueberry aroma filled up the room beautifully and left a rich tropical taste in my mouth. However not feeling sweet enough I wanted to give the rainbow sherbet a try. If you are into super sweet flavours this is definitely one for you to try. Not sure if my imagination ran away with me but I could taste the fizz! If you prefer your sherbet to be more citrus-like also sell a wicked sherbet lemons e-liquid. I think most among us have eaten a full bag of cola bottles at some point in our lives, leaving you feeling a bit sickly, vaping the cola bottles e-liquid brought back this memory back but without that nausea. The strawberries & cream e-liquid was perfectly rich in yummy flavours. I could taste the vanilla, sweet strawberries and creamy ice-cream.  The black ice e-liquid was a new discovery for me and my personal fav. It had lots of fruity flavour and a cracking ice element to it, leaving me wanting more. With over 70 different flavours to choose from zesty orange, the ultimate bestseller Heisenberg, oatmeal cookies, jack blacks, coconut to ripe passion fruit  and new lines being added I am sure you will find your perfect flavour for just one pound a go. does not only sell 10ml bottle e-liquids on their easy on the eye and to use website. They also have high hv e-liquids, diy flavour concentrates and nicotine shots up for grabs. All these at just one pound each. I can hear some of you thinking right now: “Yes butttt… the costs of postage and packaging will probably cost me an arm and a leg!” Guess what. Any size order in the UK is just one pound per order. If your order is 10 pounds or more you can find a discount code on the website for free delivery.

Before I leave you vaping lovers to place your first order by clicking on this link I have a really silly wish on my bucket list I like to share with you. I would love to create my own one off Essyentials  flavoured e-liquid. This alongside featuring in a music video (Bruno Mars I am waving here!) , publishing my own book, taking my kids in a VW camper van through Europe for a summer and sunbathing on a beach in Cape Town whilst a parade of penguins stroll past. I just can’t quite decide what kind of flavour an Essyentials e-liquid should be made up of. It will have to be a flavour full of life and energy with a mischievous after taste!  If any of you guys out there have any suggestions to drop me a line please.

Happy vaping guys!

Essy xxx



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