Happy-ness Mindset: The F Word … !

It’s so easy when things are going great, right ..?!

The stars are aligned… everything is flowing … Life is great…

It’s easy to feel Blessed then…

But what’s bloody hard is feeling Blessed when things aren’t going so well… !

That’s when you’re tested ! To the max ! That’s when a different F word comes easily… !!

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality…

You know those days when it seems like Nothing is “going right…” ?! You sleep through your alarm … You get stuck behind Every slow moving vehicle on the way to work… People cancel on you… and you find yourself declaring that “This is a Bad Day…!” {And, heaven forbid, you utter the forsaken words “What Else can go wrong today…??!”}

Or maybe you’ve been ‘Being Positive’, doing Affirmations & sh*t, & still it seems like every door is being slammed in your face .. ?!

That’s when you begin to question the Big F….


Well, what did you think i meant… ??!

It’s easy to have it when everything is falling into place, right ?!

Not so easy when everything seems to be going to sh*t… !

What exactly is Faith ?!

To me, it’s having a Belief in something bigger than your Self, whether you call that Higher Power ‘God’, ‘Allah’, Krishna, Buddha, The Universe or Purple Spotted Wise One…

The ‘problem’ with Faith is that sometimes it can make us a bit lazy…

It can cause us to stop taking responsibility for our Selves, & our lives.

And we also find it easier to believe when things are going the way we Want them to {Or, at least, the way we Think we want them to…!}

What about when it’s all going t**s up… ??!

Have you ever had a day when something didn’t go as planned &, at the time you were angry / upset / frustrated etc… but it turned out better than you hoped.. ?!

When maybe you “missed out” on something, but something Even better came along instead ..?!

The First Step {In my 12 Steps To Beating Depression} is ACCEPTANCE..

Accepting that “This is how i feel Right Now…” {The “Right Now” tells you that it’s not permanent. Let’s be honest, when you’re feeling really sh*tty, it’s hard to believe that you’ll Ever feel ‘happy’ again, right ?!}

I don’t know about you but, in the past, I’ve beaten myself up with the {pointless & energy wasting..} questions like..

“What’s WRONG with me…??! Why am I feeling this way.. ??!…”

… which serves only to make me feel 10x worse.. ! {Partly because often there is nothing ‘wrong’ with me… I simply feel less than sparkly..!} Plus it also adds to the feelings of Guilt {“But I’ve got sooo much to be Grateful / Thankful for…..” and “There are people far worse off than me….”}

Accepting that “This is how I feel Right Now…” stops me from trying to FIGHT the emotions… {Often your Body-Mind / Soul is trying to tell you something… That something in your Life needs to change.. And the more we resist the message, the less likely we are to ‘recover’}

I am struggling to maintain Faith right now…

I have asked The Universe… I have visualized what i want… I have set my Intentions… and


But that’s when our faith is tested.

And that’s the point where we have two choices…

Throw in the towel… Give Up! … Admit defeat …. Tell ourselves that ‘Life is sh*t’…


We ACCEPT that what we want already exists… and that we Attract it to us by our thoughts, words & actions… and that the Universe / God works to it’s own damn timetable… !!

This moment, right now, is The Universe saying “Right, I want to see just how serious you Reeeaaaally are…! So, I’m going to test you….!”

As I was walking through town the other day & saying {Again!!} “Thank you Universe… can you hurry up & bring me my ______” &, clear as day, I heard a voice in my mind say “Have Faith my Child…” !

Now, I know damn well that i wouldn’t say that to my Self {It would be more like “Now, now, have a little bloody patience woman…”!} so i KNOW it was a message from my Higher Power !

Being patient is difficult !

But what are the options ?

Getting depressed & being miserable is one of them…

Hmmm, doesn’t sound too appealing does it ?!

So, today, I ACCEPTED that my Mojo had taken a temporary leave-of-absence… and Chose to Be Kind to my Self.

None of us are ‘full of the joys’ 24/7 ! We ALL have Ups & Downs… The Downs make us appreciate the Ups all the more..

When things aren’t going ‘to plan’, it’s easy to slip into a Negativity Loop, & start focusing on all that’s “wrong”, in our Life, with the world, blah blah blah…

Negative Thoughts = Negative Energy = Negative Behaviour = Negative Outcome

So, you overslept.. ? You obviously needed to extra sleep ! It’s possible you could have missed being in an accident or something…

So your late to work.. ?! It’s not the end of the world, is it ? At least you MADE it to work ! Some people won’t be going home today…

So people cancelled on you.. ? They obviously aren’t meant to be in your life… So, you didn’t get that job…. Did you REALLY want it …?!

So, that friend let you down… Are they Really the sort of person you want {or Need..} in your Life ?!

So, you didn’t get that client… Was it really the right fit ?!

When things don’t go the way we hoped, if we’re being Totally honest with ourselves, often it’s actually for the best. But if we only focus on what we Don’t have, Don’t want… That’s what we will get More of !

When we focus on what’s ‘wrong’ with our Life, we can totally miss all the things that are ‘Right’..

Rather than accept ‘good enough’, keep faith that what you Really want is out there… !

As I said, it’s easy to keep faith when everything falls into your lap! It’s easy to keep faith when everything is wonderful..! It’s easy to keep faith when everything is “going your way”…!

This is a test, my friend!

Everything you want, & need, is waiting right around the corner… Just maintain a little faith…

D-M Hammersley

~ The Happy-ness Mindset Movement ~


Spiritual Being having a Human Experience !

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