6 Inspiring beauty tips for women over a certain age

‘Age is nothing but a number’ and ‘40 is the new 30’, they say!  Nevertheless when you reach a certain age, have been through a period of excess stress or have had too many late nights and early starts, those eye bags, fine lines, wrinkles and a dull skin complexion seem to taking over our entire face! With so many of us posting perfect images on Social Media with a filter or two (guilty as charged!) it can leave you feeling you are the one that is aging fastest when you take a close look in the mirror. Do not worry, there is help at hand  and these easy and simple beauty habits you can adopt will not only make you look your best but you will also feel better in your own skin, whatever age you are.


1 Stay fit and be happy

Staying fit and being happy are two super important ingredients to look and feel beautiful. True beauty really starts from within. As boring as it may sound to some of us. Keeping fit, going for walks or bike rides will keep the happy endorphins flowing. Endorphins that will help you to feel happy with positive thinking habits, which will reflect in your personality. Not only that regular exercise can help you sleep better and maintain a healthy weight, it increases blood flow, which helps to nourish skin cells and keep them vital. There is no cosmetic beauty like happiness. Keeping in mind that happiness isn’t about getting what you want all the time but it is all about loving what you have and being grateful for it.

“The happier you are the more beautiful you become”

2 Drink water and get your beauty sleep

Another dull one maybe but these two significant and cost free ingredients are paramount to look and feel your best. As we all are aware, drinking water is essential for your overall health. However it will also boost your skin health. Dehydrated skin will become more vulnerable to premature wrinkling. Drinking water will also help with weight loss. Having a glass of water before your meal can prevent you from overeating. If you find drinking just water way too tedious why not drink it with a slice of lemon. Lemons provide a rich source of Vitamin C and protect your body from immune system deficiencies and have powerful antibacterial properties, helping you fight off nasty infections.

A good night sleep (between 7-9 hours) will guarantee your skin to produce new collagen.  Collagen production means your skin is plumber and less likely to wrinkle or start sagging. While you sleep your body also boosts blood flow to the skin leaving you waking up with a healthy glow. Puffy eyes are often the first sign of lack of sleep.

“Bedgasm – a feeling of euphoria experienced when climbing

into a bed at the end of a long day”

3 Protect your skin and don’t skip skincare

Sunscreen really is the best anti-aging product you should invest in. Make it part of your morning routine. Even in the winter months. Prevention is better than cure ladies so start stacking up on sunscreen with at least a 30SPF. As we grow older our skin will change and starts to lose its elasticity. We also lose the fat below the layers of skin, which will cause the outer layers to thin and droop and voila that’s how a wrinkle is formed. Genetics will play a part whether you wrinkle well or not. Sun damage, poor skin care, not eating the right foods and smoking may cause you to look older than you are. So ditch the old habits and adapt a healthier way of keeping your skin in tip top condition. A good skin care regime doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg nor be time consuming. Start your day waking your face up with warm not hot water and a gentle cleanser. Apply moisturizer. Invest in an eye cream as the skin around the eye is that little bit more delicate. You only need to exfoliate two to three times a week with a fine scrub. The Daily Mail reported that Aldi’s award winning Lacura Caviar skincare range at £6.99 is nearly as good as a £292 cream.


“Invest in your skin. Its going to represent you for a long time”

 4 Less is more

As we get older less becomes definitely more and it is important to learn to adapt to your skin’s changing needs. Many women can unnecessarily age themselves by getting stuck in a make-up time warp, caking on too much or adopting a modern style that can unintentionally make a woman look like she is clinging on to her youth. There are many types of foundation, but the most suitable for mature skin are liquid and cream products. Your aim should be to achieve good coverage but using as little product as possible. Softer colours and textures create a diffused definition that always flatters a woman of a certain age. A light lid primer is better than wearing any eye shadow, which will only draw more attention to crepey eyelids. If you are struggling to change and adjust your make up habits, book a makeup lesson with a qualified Makeup artist. Alternatively YouTube is full of makeup tutorial videos that can inspire you to help you look fresher and right on trend.

“The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence”

5 Self care

Self care is NOT selfish! Self care is essential to be an all-round healthy and happy you.  We live such hectic lives these days trying to be everything to everybody: a mother; a wife or partner; a daughter; a friend; a colleague.  This often leaves us with little time to just be. To have time to catch our breath. Self care can be anything and everything. Some days it might be having a long hot soak in the bath. Other days it could be a pamper session in the form of a manicure or escape reality for a bit with a good book. I believe the most important part of self care is learning to say no and giving yourself a big pat on the back for doing your best. It’s listening to your body and mind and gives it time off to rest and reset. Without proper self care we could end up with a horrid burn out. Therefore learn to switch your phone off and spend time with just you and be your own best friend.

“Self care means giving yourself permission to pause”

6 Define those brows

Perfectly shaped brows frame your face beautifully and give it an instantaneous lift. However they could be your worst accessory, if you are going for the Scousse brows or have been over plucking over the years.  Using light brow powder and minimal mascara to slightly darken the brow area is much better than trying the lash thickening mascara and dark brow pencils.  If the idea of waking up daily to perfect brows sounds like a dream, semi permanent brush stroke tattooed brows are definitely the way forward.

“Life is way too short for bad brows”


These beauty tips really are ageless ladies. However always remember beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and most importantly, a beautiful soul. It’s about feeling content and happy in your own skin.

Stay beautful!

Essy xxx


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