How the ‘Yes Theory’ RUNS THE WORLD got me and my son NOT only talking

I think all us doting parents know too well when we summoned our child up telling them its bed time they will try every trick in the book to stay up that little bit longer. From a pleading ‘I am suddenly sooo hungry’ to an exasperating ‘I still have to finish my home work’. I think it’s safe to say we have heard all the excuses or invented them ourselves back in the day. This was certainly the case last night when I told Fin at 11pm it was time to get to bed. However because I hadn’t seen my son properly for nearly a week I didn’t mind the much needed bonding session and catch up chats and was more than happy to give him some extra time. So as normal when I told him it was time to hit the sack he decided last night to fill me in on the latest Yes Theory challenge. Fin enthusiastically showed me a You Tube video were these guys were trying to get an x amount of people involved to each run 1 mile, which in turn represented not only running in total exactly 24,902 miles around our globe in one day but it also has a motivational meaning.  This 1 one mile run for each and every person participating represented to take the jump to not to let anything stand in your way and to keep going. As most of you probably know by now I am all about that. Fin told me he would like to do this 1 mile run to show that his type 1 Diabetes will not hold him back. Followed by the question; “What’s your jump (motivation) to run your 1 mile Mum”? To be very honest I had to dig deep as funnily enough I just finished a chapter on my eBook typing away that good intentions really mean nothing.  They truly mean nada on its own! Good intentions will not pay your bills. Good intentions will not keep you fit and healthy. Good intentions will not guarantee you a happily ever after as there is a massive difference between what we say and what we do. It’s called reality.  I simply don’t want to be that person that just says a lot but there is no real action, no fight and no victories or failings I can at least learn from along the way. I understand, and I am sure you all do too, we all say stuff with the best of intentions.  Just recall your last year’s New Year’s resolutions and what really have become of all those good intentions!  So whilst I was being confronted  what my good intention, my goal, my personal jump was under the watch full eye by my 12 year old I told him I needed to sleep on it.

Dusting my trainers off for our 1 mile run this morning I was still not sure what my intention, my personal jump and goal was for participating in this 1 mile run. I seriously didn’t want to disappoint my 12 year old who clearly has proven by his remarkable actions and mature ways so far that his type 1 Diabetes is not going to hold him back one bit. This dude takes any piece of information and advice on board to try and keep control of the ever so dynamic blood sugar ranges of his Diabetes. Not only do I not want to disappoint both my children, I really don’t want to disappoint myself. Having worked consciously and still am on a daily basis on my own personal development, my self-worth, becoming self sufficient and all around happier and healthier over the last two years I wondered: ‘What’s the one thing I still struggle with from time to time and needs shaping and modelling?

After a long and hard ‘one on one session’ with myself I have decided I will be taking the jump and run my 1 mile to not to be putting up with any person thinking it’s acceptable to put me down for no valid reason. To try and make me feel and look bad. More importantly I will no longer retreat in myself anymore or stick my head in the sand pretending it didn’t happen and go quiet.  This unhealthy coping mechanism I have developed over the years clearly serves no purpose anymore. The Polish Proverb ‘Old habits die hard’ straight away springs to my mind. Nevertheless unhealthy habits will also never open new doors and make one feel in control of and responsible for their own happiness. So from now on I will let it either all wash over me, shrug my shoulders to happily carry on with my thing.  Or I will confront it there and then, to let it go immediately and keep re modelling my life the way I like it to be. Don’t get me wrong I am all for constructive criticism. We all should be able appreciate the constructive but ignore the destructive critics. However no more unnecessary put downs and me agreeing to it to keep that proverbial peace. No more comments that will throw me of my guard ruining my inner peace and that are far from up building or supportive. Coincidentally I woke up with a quote a wise friend posted on her social media:

“When someone is mean, don’t listen.

When someone is rude, walk away.

When someone tries to put you down, stay firm.

Don’t let someone’s bad behaviour destroy your inner peace”

Feel free to try me out now I am well aware I can easily and happily run a mile and carry on regardless!

There is still time to join this incredible 1 mile global challenge. Check it out by clicking on the following link What would your jump/motivation be though?  Get in touch and let me know where your motivation is at!

Love always, Essy xxx

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