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Get clinching to get that killer waist line

Yesterday I found a beautiful glittery envelope posted on my doorstep. Well I am super stoked to let you all know I am an ambassador for Sirens ‘waist trainer’ Clinchers and my stage 1 customized waist trainer was in that glittery envelope.
Why you might wonder? You are already a CBD supplier. Well the Essyentials brand is growing fast and we are only hand picking products we believe in, have seen lots of positive reviews of and great results from real people and are excited about. As we feel these kinda products fit in with our brand promoting aspiring to be the best version of you, feeling good in your own skin with a healthy dose of self love and worth.
I have been following fellow Siren’s ambassador Carina Bentley‘s journey for quite some time. Not only is she one of those inspirational women you want in your tribe. This power woman is looking on point using the waist trainer afer the birth of her 6th child (Yep thats no typo, 6 beautiful babies and looking incredible).
So as from today I have started wearing my waist trainer. Why again might you wonder? You don’t really need it looking at your professional photo shoot images? Exactly, professional! I have learnt how to pose so the photographer snaps me from my best angle. Then there is also my bff Mr Photoshop! You all know that I am not secretive about my age. However at the age of 45 middle age spread has definitely not let me down. Browsing through images from 5 years even 1 year ago my waist and belly line were definitely, how can I put it, more flawless and less flabby. May I point out there is nothing wrong with having some extra padding around a torso. But with a fabulous beach wedding (not mine!) to look forward to I like to look and feel the best I can in my beach gear. I must admit since I have come to terms with my 20 year marriage ending, finding happiness again on many levels, I have finally started to enjoy food again, which probably also are accountable for the spare tyre and pot belly.
The Sirens waist trainer is so easy to use and comes with a training academy handbook explaining how easy the shred plan is for maximum results.
I shall be keeping you posted how I am truthfully finding this product. Looking forward showing off that tiny waist line I had 5 years ago.
If you think you are also ready to shred send me a little DM and I will answer all your questions and inquiries asap. If you like to join the Essyentials sales team promoting fabulous products like the waist trainer or like to have an article published give me a holler.
Keep sparkling you all!
dress up or down wearing your waist trainer

This is how ridiculously easy it is to wear your waist trainer and start shredding, improving your posture and has been proven to help with backache problems. Its only day 5 with phase 1 for me and I have already moved up two hooks settings which equals 1 inch loss and so far I have cycled, done a photoshoot, shopped, chilled, cleaned and tidied up, attended a few meetings and even socialised enjoying a drink in the sunshine whilst wearing mine. There’s no need to feel conscious wearing yours as you can rock the Siren Clincher up or hide it discreetly underneath your clothing. The easy to follow waist training academy handbook and online support from fellow Sirens has been enjoyable, very afforable and super uplifting (literally!) too. With my son being type 1 diabetic I already follow a reasonable healthy diet with the odd treat. But if you would like to have tips and a guideline for healthy but easy in just 15 mins to prep meals this all comes with your custom made waist trainer.
Not only that once you have purchased your waist trainer you are able to join the short but sweet online workouts from the comfort of your own home with your fellow Sirens run by expertise but lots of fun Carina Bently if you are up to work that booty!
Like to find out more?
Send me a personal message and I shall be answering all your questions asap. Wether it’s about the waist trainer, shredding a few pounds, joining my fast growing sales team or having your article published in Essyentials please holler away!

Very excited to tell you all very soon about more products added to the Essyentials brand amongst a few other tricks I have up my sleeve and shall keep you posted on my personal journey getting my killer waist line back on track.

Stay fabulous. Lots of love, Essy  xxx



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