Just vamp it up girls!

I think it’s safe to say most of us can picture Kim Kardashian her bloody face, and with bloody face I mean bloody literally, undergoing a vampire facelift on her hit show. I convinced myself if it’s good enough for Kimmy K it would work wonders on my face too (unfortunately this treatment doesn’t turn you into a flawless Kardashian look alike – for that you need to turn to other more invasive cosmetic operations I have been told the Kardashians are famous for!).

Gorgeous Kim and her vampire facelift


Not being ashamed to admit I have the odd Botox session I knew straight away who would be the right person for this job: award winning Aesthetic Nurse Rachel Louise Williams from Love Aesthetic, based in Liverpool. I trust Rachel fully to let her loose on my face with needles as she is highly qualified, has years of experience, keeps her skills up to date with additional training days, has built up a very impressive returning clientele and therefore not for nothing winning award after award.  No matter what beauty treatment you are having done, whether its botox, fillers or in this case a vampire mask, I urge you to do your homework for the best (read: not cheapest) cosmetic practitioner in your area. How many horror stories of cosmetic procedures gone not as expected are daily reported in the media.  For this reason I also do rate Rachel as she is known to rectify many lip fillers jobs that have gone terribly wrong.

Arriving slightly later than planned due to the early morning manic traffic (my apologies) and slightly nervous, more so as photographer and videographer Glyn Kelly joined us to film the procedure, Rachel started with the consultation and cleansed my face thoroughly before applying a numbing cream all over my face.

The vampire facial formally known as Microneedling with PRP (platelets drawn from your own blood) is a non invasive way to treat a multitude of skin issues. It will treat redness, broken capillaries and pigmentation, improves fine lines and deeper wrinkles, softens stretch marks, reduces the appearance of pores, heals scars, stimulates collagen and brings back that glow for fresher and younger-looking skin.

Straight after the vampire facelift procedure


Rachel did carefully withdraw some of my bloods to be placed in a centrifuge where it spun for about 15 minutes, giving my numbing crème time to do its job. Lying comfortably on Rachel’s bed in a sterile and modern looking treatment room Rachel explained that platelets and the growth factors found in my own blood will stimulate stem cells, and the PRP which was being separated in the centrifuge contains three to five times as many of these substances as normal blood. Using the platelet rich plasma from my own body I could expect gradually improvement of the texture, tone and pigmentation of my skin.

The micro-needling technique involves using a Derma pen that contains many tiny needles that will gently create micro injuries to your skin so the PRP can be absorbed into the skin. This process prompts your body’s natural healing response, increasing the production of collagen and therefore improving your skin. This part of the treatment didn’t hurt much at all apart from my poor top lip. The micro needling was very bearable and over very quickly. I could feel little pinches at times but it was not uncomfortable. Slight bleeding is completely normal and in all honestly I wouldn’t have mind this at all as I was hoping to have a picture like Kim Kardashiah smothered in blood. However my skin was just looking a bit raw with no mad blood splashes at all. Rachel also injected some of the PRP into the corners of my mouth to combat that sad smile look some of us are blessed with after a certain age. Again these injections were not painful at all. Just a little scratch!

The whole procedure did take about an hour and a half, including the blood draw and numbing time.  Do not expect to walk out of the door with the most perfect looking skin.  Far from as you will need two to three days down time. For me it took about 24 hours for the redness to turn pink. On day 3 my face started to peel. At first I wasn’t too sure if I could see clear results. Yes, my skin looked fresher but much plumber? Not really! Yet suddenly after two weeks I began to see changes in my skin. It appeared overnight to be more glowing and plum. For the vampire facelifts to have full results it is recommended to have them in a series of three. After noticing already a difference after this one treatment I will definitely book in for my follow up treatments.

If you are interested giving this treatment a go aiming to reclaim your  youthful looks, knowing now it’s fairly pain free and you will not be splattered with your red blood cells feel free to contact Rachel for prices and appointments 07718224702

Stay beautiful!

Ester xxx

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