Jesus paid the price but you get to keep the change

Happy Easter Everybunny!

Easter is without a shadow of doubt one of my favourite bank holidays. Not only are the days getting lighter and brighter, you can for once put all your eggs in one basket and stuff your face endlessly with chocolate, to then whinge that you feel all bloated and sickly. Although in all honesty the Easter eggs have been on display since just after Christmas and I have a feeling if I asked everyone to stand up and stick a hand in the air if you’ve already  been indulging in choc eggs, we would have a wave right now sweeping the nation (respect to the ones who gave chocolate up for lent)!

However Easter really is all about hope, renewal and new life, which makes me love the Easter period even more.  Because where would we all be without the hope that there are better days to come? How could we truly understand, without taking stock of our lives and renewing old ways of thinking and doing. Realising that some of the stuff you have been carrying around doesn’t matter anymore. Where would we be within our personal growth if we couldn’t choose a new life path, taking on new challenges and opening ourselves up to new experiences and befriending new people to enrich our lives for the better?

When you’ve got a minute, ask yourself the following question. What is happening in your life right now that makes you jump out of bed in the morning? More importantly take a look at what’s happening in your life that makes you want to crawl back into bed and hide under the safety of your covers? Can this negativity be eliminated from your life? Does it really serve a purpose? If it’s not possible to completely get rid, what ways are there to make the situation more bearable? Have a closer look at your personal growth from last year to this Easter.  Do you feel you have made progress and are you achieving what you set out to do? If so, give yourself that big pat on the back and have another chocolate treat! If not? Why not? What’s stopping you? How could your loved ones support you to grow over the  year to achieve those goals? Setting and reviewing your life goals will give you long-term vision and short term motivation. Not only that, it will help you focus and organise your time and resources wisely, so you can make the very most of your life. Time is precious after all and we only get one shot at life, so choose wisely. Because why settle for anything but being the best version of you and achieving those things that makes your life so much more fulfilling. What is stopping you from moving forward? Stuck in a comfort zone that doesn’t give much satisfaction? Or is your self confidence stopping you from moving forward? Talk to yourself like you would talk to a child. Just visualise yourself in a years’ time doing this exact same reflection exercise and realising what you  set out to change, achieve or add to your life and you can say wholeheartedly: “Hell yeah I am winning here!”

What are my personal thoughts when I think of hope, renewal and new life and how will I try and make some changes for the better?  Regarding being hopeful, I have been blessed with that glass half full kinda attitude and am able to see a silver lining in most situations (partly caused by a very short attention span). I don’t want to completey change this personality trait. However, it also has its downside. I can accept a circumstance for what it is and carry on swiftly without tackling the root of the issue. Whether this is dealing with a rude comment of a follower online or having to eat beans on toast for a week because I didn’t chase that one big opportunity quick or hard enough. Why? I think in my case partly because I  avoid confrontation like the plague as I do like to be liked. Alongside there is, at times that deep down feeling that I am not good enough for a certain job and therefore busying myself with things that didn’t have to take priority and running out of time. Or hiding behind the clumsy scatty Essy! Do these feelings and actions of mine still serve a purpose? In one word ‘no!’ It’s simply impossible to be liked by everyone. You can’t be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s perfectly okay. Secondly by avoiding confrontation I don’t set clear boundaries and the chances are it will happen again and again. Thirdly it’s so much better to fail and learn, than let an opportunity go by with regret. Especially if it means compromising growing as a individual by taking on new challenges or worse, putting food on the table.

How can I change these things? Time management is definitely one for me. I am so bloody good at wasting precious time browsing the internet for the latest heels and chatting away about absolutely nothing with a good friend (read: the milk man or any sweet old lady that crosses my path)! Creating a list with jobs to do from most important to least and tackling the dragons at the top first is definitely going to be part of my renewed intentions. This will most result in my feeling better about myself and therefore grow in confidence and better able to take on the confrontations that matter in the near future. As for using the clumsy and scatty card when things overwhelm me or I don’t get it straight away? My children are still alive after all these years, I haven’t burnt the house down and in the end, I always find my lost house keys so I can’t be that bad! Maybe the odd early night and re-educating myself with a good book will help sort that problem out too with better end results! There are so many more hopes, dreams and renewal aspects in my life. Hitting the gym a few times a week (believe it or not  I am using running out of time as an excuse but the reality is I am dreading to find out how unfit I really am), which will help my energy levels, sleep better, release those happy endorphines and on top of that hopefully the return of the Dutch booty! Lastly making time for people that really are significant in my life! Mummy and Daddy you will see me appear real soon in The Netherlands!

Anyway you lovely lot alongside enjoying your well deserved Easter break, take like me a little time out for some self-reflection to explore your hopes for a happier future. To get rid of old ways that serve no purpose anymore and add a few new things to your ‘aspire to become’ list. Its after all the season of rebirth and change.

Hop on guys!

Essy xxx

Photographer Tim Cullen, MUA Amanda Borg


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