Brows speak louder than words!


The idea of waking up daily with perfect brows is every woman’s dream – isn’t it?!  – together with waking up to the smell of fresh coffee, in the arms of your most fave human and children that have miraculously washed, dressed themselves without any drama and done the dishes too. Okay, maybe that’s asking a bit too much so let’s stick with perfect brows!

Seeing as my 45 year old eyebrows have had a history over the years from being big and bushy to the era where it was a total must to over tweeze them into the tiniest lines, it’s not surprising decades later my brows are not in the best shape. We all know defined brows instantly make you look more polished. So when I found out Melanie Tamblyn finished her semi permanent tattooed brush stroke brow course last year, adding another feather to her bow already being a top class makeup artist, I rushed to her lovely studio based in Widnes Cheshire to have my sad looking brow line shaped with a perfect natural looking arches on trend with today’s perfect brows look.

The words ‘tattoo’ and ‘face’ together might raise an eye brow or two (if you are not too Botox-ed up!) as it sounds very drastic because what if it goes wrong. It’s very hard to cover that brow line up after all. So here is a bit of information, which will hopefully put your minds at rest and give you all the information needed to decide whether this is for you or not.

Semi-Permanent make up has been available in the UK for over 20 years. A dye is carefully injected with this procedure under your skin, using a needle that works a little like a staple gun. However it works differently to a normal tattoo, as it’s not injected quite as deep and therefore will not last forever. The technique is more sophisticated now giving it that more natural feathered look. This method really is perfect if you want to fill-in, reconstruct or define your brows. Upto 120 hairs are drawn on to the skin in a colour exactly to match your existing hairs. Be warned though as the first days after having your brow have been tattooed they will look very dark but this will fade pretty fast to a much softer and natural look.

The results of semi permanent eyebrows last up to 18 months with a top up needed just 4-6 weeks after your first procedure. Is this process painful? Not in the slightest as your brows will be numbed with a special cream. Melanie began with a consultation taking my personal details and discussing the final look I wanted. A patch test a couple of days prior had already determined whether the dye could cause an allergic inflammation of the skin and I was perfectly fine and close to having those brows that wow. Before the needle hit my skin the area around my brows was cleansed thoroughly and a numbing cream was applied. Melanie took her time measuring both eyebrows and applying a template using a special brow pencil. The procedure itself feels a bit like your skin is being scratched but yet again nothing too painful at all.

The healing process is very straight forward. Melanie again filled me in with the do’s and don’ts. Keeping your brows dry for fist 4-5 days is very important and applying the crème Melanie provided stopped my brows from becoming dry, itchy and flaky.

Getting good results comes down the skill and artistic eye of the therapist alongside being informed thoroughly so I urge you to do your research before taking the plunge. A botched brow job is costly and extremely painful to remove. I really can’t thank Melanie enough for saving me hours filling my brows in with expensive products and with great frustration, as let’s be honest there is always one brow that doesn’t cooperate. It’s safe to say my brows have definitely more structure than my life!

Never underestimate the power of an eyebrow ladies! Great brows really don’t happen by chance. They happen by appointment and I can’t recommend Melanie Tamblyn enough. If you think you are ready to have your brows tattooed, you can find Melanie for more information, to book your patch test and appointment on Facebook, on Instagram melanie_rose_mua.

Have a good day, a good mood and good brows everybody!

Essy xxx

Melanie Tamblyn in action at her Widnes based studio

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