EssyEntials is about to grow up


I am so thrilled to let you all know a new commercial stage for EssyEntials is about to be launched and I am super excited and ready to kick-start this new venture. EssyEntials will be the home and an online Lifestyle Magazine for and by aspirational women.

As most of you probably are aware I started about 3 years ago, whilst feeling at a loss, posting uplifting quotes with images from my photo shoots and fashion shows on social media. From being a stay at home housewife and mother of two, with not much self-worth, to setting up my Facebook and Instagram profiles, where I  expressed my personal self development from a person with low self confidence and personal struggles to catwalk and published model. The response of people, predominately women, was overwhelming and spurred me on to start my own blog, promoting self worth and love, not being scared to chase your dreams, embracing your own unique qualities and being supportive of others along the way.  Again, the response whilst posting my blogs has been heart-warming and overwhelming. Resulting in a trip to the Houses of Parliament in December 2017 where I was asked to speak as an influential figure for women suffering domestic abuse and self empowerment issues.

Recently I have set up a closed community online.  A fast growing vibrant community of aspiring women who aim to inspire, support, encourage each other and share the ingredients for a more fulfilling, successful, healthier and happier lifestyle. A place where women can keep it real and celebrate each other’s achievements, alongside giving each other a boost when needed. A safe place where we can learn and embrace self worth, self love, respect and can be proud of our individual unique identities. A place where women can help each other and an opportunity to network with other aspiring women. As I truly believe behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women. Any ladies out there liking to join the EssyEntials community please send me a message and I will add you swiftly to this loving and fun community. The more the merrier after all!

Now this exciting new stage for EssyEntials has developed after giving a lot of thought to what EssyEntials’ values are all about (see image below) and which direction I’d like to see this new business adventure develop into.  I am thrilled to tell you all I will be working with a fantastic bunch of 10+ talented, strong role models and all female writers together with businesses whom EssyEntials is going to help to promote through the readership. So keep your eyes open for fresh, real, funny and revealing articles, up to three times a week, varying from fashion, relationships, beauty, sex, health, diet, women’s issues, travel, personal development, new “must have” products and much more.


I’d like to show my absolute gratitude to each and every single person that has supported me during my journey so far. You all have helped me to emerge from a pretty crappy place and helped me grow into the so much more confident and content woman I am today. Determined to reach out and inspire others alongside using my fast growing community and readership to help us all to the road of success and overall happiness. I seriously don’t think with the love, support and encouragement I would have come this far. I have met and befriended so many lovely souls since and I’d like thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I would appreciate if you all could please TAG names of business’ or business owners that would like to reach a growing group of women, be in partnership and like to be included in this new excited stage of the EssyEntials journey.

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Stay tuned and as always lots of love,

Essy xxx

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