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Let me start off this post by saying I class myself as a feminist that loves men. I love them. I’m no man hater , there’s good ones and bad ones , ‘orrible ones and gorgeous ones . What I am amazed at is not how men let us down, but sometimes how women, our sisters, do too. ?? I was reminded of this yesterday within my own workplace.
Now for the past year I have worn hair extensions, long ones. They give me confidence and help with my self esteem. I love them. I like the way they swish . I like how I can put them in a messy bun when I am having a bad hair day, my swishy hair doesn’t care if I am having a fat day, or a zitty day, it’s there swishing away. Ooh people may say ( in my head ) “There’s Scarlett – hasn’t she got lovely hair”, and totally missed the fact her ar*e is now the size of a small island!

Unfortunately like all good things, it came to an end this weekend . My hairdresser suggested I have a few weeks off between fittings. So now I’m back to being a bit boring with shoulder length hair, no swishy , no fun. I hate it and I hate the fact I hate it because I am more than just some Nano rings but there you are. Some may see that as shallow, but I hope you lovelies on this page see it for what it is .

So this brings me to my point ( at last I hear you say ). I’m 44 ( I know I know I don’t look it , thank you filtered camera lens ) I worked into the office and another female praised my much shorter locks ( all good ) said I suited them better ( not true but again thanks ,) and then came out with “ shorter hair on women our age is much more AGE APPROPRIATE”. So there you have it , at 44 this women has told me that I need to give in now, maybe adopt a blue rinse and perm and start wearing coral lipstick. This isn’t even the worst ive heard , after coming off a holiday and showing my bare and usually brown legs off in a knee length (suit) skirt another female told me I was dressing “ like I was still on a beach “.
My point being that we sisters could do without comments like that , she wasn’t giving me friendly advice , she was being a cow and she was being nasty . It’s hard enough 44 or 24 to feel good about ourselves in this ever pressured world. We are being shown photo shopped bodies of women and are being told that’s how we should look, we are constantly feeling that our best isn’t good enough . Men ( even the lovely ones ) are still taken more seriously in our workplaces regardless of how they look or dress yet we are still being told that heels make us look more professional and that a full made up face each day is the heart of the success of a business women. Whether you work in a office or work hard as a stay home mum, its enough now. If you cant tell every women you come across that they are amazing , that they rock whatever outfit they’ve got on, that they look gorgeous that day . Keep your mouth shut . Together women can rule this world . But we have to support each other , Swishy hair or not.

Speak soon,

Scarlett McKenna


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One thought on “Age appropriate hair!

  1. well today my new very colouful swishy hair made me feel like i was 16, i even cam e home and make up on just to bake lol and i dont normally wear make up as i dont have very good selfesteem but wow !!! its amazing how a new hair doo can make someone feel… I still struggle with self esteem as im a larger lady but hell !!!! I have fab new haor and am going to show that off even at 41 (i look like a unicorn ) was what my friend said lol

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