Relax Dollz! How to feel and look good this Christmas

Many of us have super busy lives, trying to cram everything in, from work to social commitments. Often from early in the morning til crawling into bed late at night. Especially with a young family us yummy mummies can feel the pressure that little bit more around the busy Christmas period. So much to do in so little time. From shopping for presents, standing in endless queues, visiting family and friends, attending Christmas parties, the dreaded food shop to having to fit in having your hair, nails and outfit sorted to look good for Santa. The list can be endless with the build up to Christmas Day. How often do we not catch that dreaded bug that’s doing the rounds in the December month after rushing around, to be feeling like utter poop during Christmas day? We live in such a fast moving society and the pressure to do everything right and perfect can leave you feeling exhausted. This Christmas try and wind down a little and create some uninterrupted ‘me time’ so you will wake up Christmas morning feeling fresh as a daisy and ready to enjoy the day ahead. Here are four essential tips to help you wind down and make you feel and look energised. Using an ultimate bathing treat from my EssyEntials shop, looking fabulous in lounge-wear from The Dollz Closet, alongside a refreshing skincare range from The Bodyshop, also available to order from the EssyEntials shop.


Have a relaxing bath

When life gets stressful nothing will feel more relaxing than chilling those tired muscles and bones in a warm soapy bath. A relaxing bathing session can quieten the mind, boost your mood and is a natural way to help you sleep soundly at night. To get the most out of your bathing session why not treat yourself to these cute rose soap petals from the EssyEntials shop. Not only do they look beautiful in the bath and feel like an affordable luxury, you will also jump out of the bath smelling of roses!








Switch off by watching a Christmas movie

Lose yourself for a bit in a movie. Especially around the Christmas period there are so many great films to choose from. Make yourself a hot chocolate and forget about everybody and everything around you for an hour or so. Its unbelievable how switching off for a bit can make you so much more productive after. My two ultimate favourite Christmas movies are the funny ‘How the Grinch stole Christmas’ and the classic ‘A Christmas Carol’. What is yours?


Snuggle up in your lounge-wear and read a book or magazine

At The Dollz Closet we have a selection of fabulous looking lounge-wear. So why not get comfortable in one of these great outfits for only £14.00 whilst picking up your book or favourite magazine and switch off in silence. Reading has been clinical proven to be one of the best ways to help reduce stress. Just six minutes can be enough to reduce our stress levels by more than two thirds, according to neuropsychologist Dr. David Lewis. It really doesn’t matter what you read. By thoroughly engrossing yourself in a book you can escape of the worries and stresses for a bit and recharge.











Have a pamper session

The rushing around and keeping everyone happy can sometimes make you forget about your own needs, which in turn can make you look a tad tired. With the temperature changes from the cold weather outside to the heating on full blast indoors stresses on our skin increases. To give your skin a boost and have a healthy glow wisely invest in the affordable Bodyshop’s ultimate best seller Botox in a jar. The Drops of Youth range really are a must have for your skin care routine. You can purchase yours from my EssyEntials shop. My favourite is The Sleeping Bouncy mask, leaving your skin looking fresh, hydrated and giving it that youthful luminous look. The Eye Concentrate helps combat those dark circles caused by late nights and stress are a must have too. Don’t forget during your well deserved pampering session to make time for a peel. The Drops of Youth Peel removes impurities from your skin leaving it smoother and more youthful looking.







Hoping these tips will all set you up to be looking and feeling fantastic and able to enjoy Christmas to the full. If father Christmas did bring you some pennies have a look on line at the and purchase a lush New Years Eve number to start the New Year as you mean to go on: on trend!

Happy Holidays Dollz,

Essy xxx

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