Bodyshops’ Botox in a jar!

Feeling your skin needs a boost now the colder weather has arrived and the radiators are on full blast leaving your skin dehydrated and short of a healthy glow? Knowing in advance the busy festive period of shopping, partying and eating the wrong but oh so nice foods and drinks will play havoc on your skin. Discover a few new unwanted lines this morning whilst checking yourself out in the mirror?

I have the perfect remedy courtesy of well the established Bodyshop. The ‘Drops of Youth’ are my personal favourite skin boosters and part of my own skin care. Therefore after some careful thought I have picked this range to be available for purchase from my online shop at Other products will be added to my range very soon. I’ve picked all these items with lots of loving thought for things that will help you to feel and look better, without too much effort or expense. Please keep your eyes out for more must have Essy’s Essentials soon available to order from my online shop. I really couldn’t be more excited!

Right let me tell you a bit more about this lush Bodyshop range,The Drops Of Youth! Out of this range the Bouncy Sleeping Mask really is a must have for your skin care routine. Perfect if you have been burning the candle at both ends and your skin is looking dull and tired as a result. Or you are just in need of a little self care pampering session.  This refreshing overnight face mask has been formulated to address the first signs of ageing leaving your skin feeling softer and smoother when you wake up! An innovative bouncy, memory-shape gel cream that moulds itself like a second skin, leaving an instant refreshing feel with a soft finish. Wake up to skin that feeling plumped, replenished and renewed. For all skin types and perfect to combat the first signs of ageing this overnight face mask smooths and refreshes your skin. The ingredients are made from stem cells of the Edelweiss plant to rebuild and replenish the skin eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. Best of all, no animals are harmed producing this fabulous product! What a great way to wake up and start to your new day, fresher faced. You only need a little bit so this product will go a long way. It is, according to Vogue magazine a total winner and they baptised this product: Botox in a jar!

For you ladies that suffer like me with puffy eyes and those dreaded bags that unfortunately can age you and make you look tired The Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate is the perfect product to sooth the appearance of fine lines, bags and fatigue. This product has a cooling roller ball applicator; you have to press gently to apply the product under the eye area. Again, a little goes a long way with this product and truly takes the edge off tired looking eyes and reducing the unsightly bags visibly.


The Drops Of Youth Peel gently peels off impurities from your skin. This revolutionary gel-to-peel leaves your skin clean and purified. Continued use and making this part of your skin care routine will leave a fresh, smoother and more luminous youthful looking skin.




The Drops of youth Serum is religiously part of my daily skin care routine and is definitely not for nothing a Bodyshop BESTSELLER! I absolutely adore this serum. It leaves my skin definitely looking brighter and more refreshed and pores less visible. On the days I miss using this product I really can notice a difference. Yet again a little goes a long way and one bottle of serum easily lasts me 6 months. The serum dries perfectly into the skin, it doesn’t look greasy, but leaves your skin hydrated and plumped.

The fragrance of The Drops of Youth products is fresh but not overpowering. This range is without a shadow of doubt one of the nicest skincare products I use at present and I genuinely would miss it if I ran out.   If you are struggling to buy that perfect Christmas or birthday gift for your girlfriend, spouse, mother, grandmother or special friend why not purchase this perfect gift offer saving you £15 pounds. That’s the price of a bottle of wine and box of chocolates to add to your perfect Bodyshop gift.

Your skin routine is like a bank account gals. Invest wisely! After all no one ever said; “I regret taking such good care of my skin”

Lots of love always,

Essy xxx



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