The ultimate bathing treat!


Guys! Want to make your special lady feel like a million dollars? Realise how hard she works and deserves some much needed TLC. Want to let your other half know she is significant and score some proper brownie points? Or are you in the doghouse and would like to be released asap? Struggling with a little stocking filler?

Girls! Need to get away from your other half for a bit as he is being a bit of a grump? Or do you want a break from the kids, who want your constant devoted attention and are doing your head in. (Don’t feel ashamed admitting this – all us mums have been there!)? Have you had a stressful day at work and are in desperate need of winding down? That time of the month and you require some soothing, relaxing therapy to make you feel lots better?

Lovers!  Are you both wanting some quality time together with a lovely romantic gesture? Haven’t been able to get hot and cosy with both hectic lifestyles crossing like ships in the night? Stuck in a rut and need to spice things up a little?

Look no further everybody! Here is my ultimate bathing treat and answer to resolve all the above issues. Yes I am writing this blog whilst bathing in my own carefully picked new Essyentials product; Bath bouquets. These scented soap petals do not only make you smell lush. They make bathing time so much more fun.

These beautiful soap petals are available in a pack of 3 or 9. A perfect little gift to yourself. To make your ‘me time’ that little bit more extravagant and help you make your time to relax and recharge extra wonderful.

A perfect gift for your girlfriend, partner or wife to let her know she is special and you appreciate and acknowledge she deserves to have some chill time and feel all spoilt.

The perfect gift to spice up your love life or simply spend some quality time relaxing and enjoying each other’s company in style.

Why not visit my store at and get your hands on these beautiful bath petals and create moments that fill you with contentment, happiness and leave you smelling of roses.

Happy bathing you all!

Essy xxx


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