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Proud and super excited that I can finally spill those beans and stop biting my tongue (which I have been doing for the last couple of weeks), and let you all know I will be the in-house blogger for the newly launched online fashion brand named (drum roll please…) THE DOLLZ CLOSET.

The reason I am so thrilled to be part of the THE DOLLZ CLOSET Crew is that I can guarantee all you lovely ladies keen on fashion that the garments will be a) very affordable, b) of high quality and c) representing the ultimate latest fashion trends. Before I go any further can I advise you to destroy your bank cards NOW, as you will not be able to resist these must have fashion items in your own closet!  Only kidding as  will be perfect for you even if you have a small budget.  THE DOLLZ CLOSET is price conscious, offering value for money as well as sale items on a regular basis.  And if you want to steal the lime light at your upcoming Christmas party, please keep a close eye out for THE DOLLZ CLOSET  breathtaking, eye-catching and super glam party dresses posted over the next couple of weeks (I can feel a Christmas blog brewing!).

THE DOLLZ CLOSET founder aka The Boss, as I will be addressing him from now on, has been interested in fashion from a young age. He always keeps up to date on what is hot on the cat walks around the globe and what the high streets shops have to offer. Two years ago, when close friends kept asking him for advice what to wear, he realised there was a niche in the market to provide sassy, glamorous, affordable but high quality clothes.  His dream of owning his own fashion brand became a reality when he bought a few items and sold them within a few hours online. His vision of making ladies of different backgrounds, ages, shapes and sizes (we will be stocking clothing up to size 26) look and feel a million dollars became his passion and calling. I know personally from chatting to him on a daily basis, the THE DOLLZ CLOSET Boss literally breathes fashion and wants nothing more than to make women look beautiful and believes every female should look and feel like a VIP.

THE DOLLZ CLOSET is aiming to keep adding the latest trends. So there will always be a large variety and high quantity of clothes and stunning accessories like bags, shoes, jewellery, hats and scarves to choose from. Not only will you fashionistas be able to choose from ultra glam going out gear, there will also be a massive range of trendy casual clothes to select from. All these garments are thoughtfully researched and selected on quality, value for money and the latest trends so you can’t go really wrong getting hooked on THE DOLLZ CLOSET!

As mentioned before I am thrilled to be the in-house THE DOLLZ CLOSET Blogger. Let me tell you a little bit more about myself. As some of you are already be aware my name is Essy and I have my own blog, I joined the world of beauty and fashion just over two years ago at the age of 42. Over the last two years I have been very fortunate to model at various fashion events and been internationally published. My life views are clear but simple. I believe every woman should know her self-worth and treat herself like a VIP. She should be able to express herself and her fashion sense in any way she likes, supporting her fellow female friends to do so too. My role here at THE DOLLZ CLOSET is to keep you all posted on the latest must have fashion styles, bargains, garment of the week, free give always and I will also be answering your questions regarding fashion.  Whether you’d like to chat to me about what you could wear for those special occasions or something to match your personality or body shape, I will listen, support and advice with compassion, love and a hint of humour too. I believe kindness and humour make the world go round.

We are currently in talks with some fashion loving celebrities, hoping they will jump on board to share their fashion tips and inspire us to shine brighter. So please keep your eyes open for announcements regarding the above. We have many other aspirations for THE DOLLZ CLOSET. It’s not just about looking great. It’s about feeling great in your own skin and be proud to be you.

We at THE DOLLZ CLOSET would love to hear from you. Your comments, questions, suggestions really matter to us. Feedback will be greatly appreciated via the following email address . We will take all feedback and every complaint seriously, as we aim to see happy well dressed ladies wearing our THE DOLLZ CLOSET clothing with confidence and pride. We aim to be all inclusive and hoping you will join our THE DOLLZ CLOSET Community so us ladies can empower and uplift each other to feel and look good ready to face the world. We would love to receive images of you wearing a THE DOLLZ CLOSET purchases and will be proudly posting them on our site

Welcome to our world. THE  DOLLZ CLOSET, where we hope you’ll all soon be part of, making this world a brighter and happier one. A world where we are all VIPS.

Lots of love from myself and the THE DOLLZ CLOSET Crew



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