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RIP Ms Petticoats – thank you for leaving your mark

BTS image of Andrea Sef and her cousin Holly – both angels now

I hope you can all  say you have come across that one special person, that comes along in your life when you least expect it, and leaves a trail of marks. Not scars. Just marks. Marks full of positivity that make you feel good about yourself. Marks of good vibes that energize you. Marks of understanding and support so you don’t feel alone. Marks so genuine and pure they make you believe in love and the goodness of people again. Even marks of total madness and crazy ideas that gets you thinking about future plans. Marks that challenge you to look at things from a different perspective. Marks that give you a warm feeling and make you smile when you reminisce about the times you spent together. Marks that have influenced your life for the better.

Andrea Sef, I have only known you for a couple of years. But trust me when I say you’ve left your mark on me. However, definitely not only me. Reading all the heartfelt messages on social media, after you slipped away, way too young last Thursday. You left a positive mark on so many others as well. You had that gift to make people feel good about themselves. You had that gift to give others confidence and let them shine. So I think it’s safe to say you have lived your life leaving a legacy. You have made a positive impact on this world that can’t be erased now. And I am so grateful for that.

Yet you were so humble. A true team player behind the scene of fashion shows, supporting all your models.  Making sure everyone looked flawless before hitting the runway.

You had a shy side too. I remember once, you didn’t even want to do the final walk with your models, who were wearing your beautiful dresses and your stunning trademark petticoats as you didn’t want any fuss. Not wanting to be the centre of attention. However once you started chatting you could go on for hours. Over the last two years I have been very lucky to spend hours chatting to you. Talking about our life highs, personal struggles and aspirations. Laughing at silly things. Making plans for fun photo shoots. You were so passionate about so many different subjects. So knowledgeable. In these two years you taught me so much. You have helped me to believe in myself and gave me opportunities to model for you, for which I am so grateful for that.

You had a rebellious side too. Because, why not challenge and mess the system up a bit, to kick start people thinking differently. You definitely had a fun side too, looking at images of you passing by on my news feed. Anyone can tell by your cheeky smile and that twinkle in your eyes. Because why be normal? Why not wear a pair of sunnies whilst modelling your wedding dresses and why not throw glitter around at the end of a runway whilst ‘White wedding’ by Billy Idol was blasting out. Glitter that, in my case got stuck on my sweaty hands, desperately trying not so smoothly to blow it out, which resulted in your laughing fit backstage. I have so many happy memories doing the fashion shows with you being around. Never dull. Never without lots of laughter, and I am so grateful for that.

You also had a very understanding and an all inclusive attitude. Your designs weren’t just for thin models nor were they the standard white wedding dress. Your dresses were designed for real authentic women and to match different personalities. As your aim was to make any woman feel and look good in your designs on their big day.

Apart from being a great friend you were very family orientated. You always told me how proud you were of your beautiful children. Your grandchildren were your world. I felt so humble today meeting your family. It was so comforting seeing so many personality trades shine through when listening to your daughter and your mother. Strong women, with a great sense of humour and positive outlook just like you, even when dealing with so much sadness.

I like to finish with one of your favourite quotes:

I’m not here to be average… I am here to be awesome!

Andrea, you were definitely not average and definitely one hell of an awesome beautiful soul. And I am so grateful for that. RIP lovely. Although I have a feeling you are rocking it up up there, with your beautiful cousin Holly who tragically passed away earlier this year, both wearing one of your colourful petticoats leaving marks of glitter.

3 thoughts on “RIP Ms Petticoats – thank you for leaving your mark

  1. Aww such a beautiful blogg essy of a wonderful woman Andrea Seff thinking of her beautiful family at this sad time .
    May she be dancing in heaven with glitter and wearing one of. Her beautiful designs God bless angel xxx

  2. An absolutely beautiful tribute to an amazing woman . Andrea would be so proud reading this . You are a special lady also Essy and have a fabulous gift to write such words , love you xx

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