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Dutch wholegrain pancakes recipe

Most of us have that one recipe passed on through generations. That one recipe your grandma, mum or dad used to make when you needed cheering up or as a special treat. That one recipe your kids love lots too. I am eager to hear yours and be inspired to try something new. More-so it would be lovely reading your shout outs in the comments below and finding out what makes your mouth water and brings back those happy memories.

My all time favourite recipe is Dutch pancakes. Wholegrain pancakes to be precise, as in my household we like to live under the illusion that wholegrain is so much better for you. If you throw some fresh strawberries on top of the wholegrain pancakes, you will get one of your 5 a day too! My kids adore pancakes and we definitely don’t just eat pancakes on Shrove/Pancake Tuesday. We even had them last year on Bonfire Night, and why not! Anyway before I eagerly start sharing my Dutch pancake recipe I must stress I am definitely not a Nigella Lawson in the kitchen! Far from it. I have to shamefully admit my poor children, over the years had to  get to used to cremated, over or under-cooked food. However my Dutch pancakes never go wrong. Apart from the odd burning flesh incident! When my children were much younger I did love having them help me prep the batter and trying to toss the pancakes, which never really went according to plan but was always lots of fun. My 16 year old has been able to prep and rustle up a few pancakes unsupervised for the last couple of years. My 11 year old just likes to hang around and chat away whilst I am baking and tossing away! So here you go my super easy favourite recipe even I manage not to burn to a crisp and which always seem to go down well.


Prep time 5 mins

Cook time 30 mins based on using two frying pans

Serves 8


300g wholemeal flour 100g normal flower

2 medium eggs

850 ml semi skimmed milk

2 tablespoon oil


  • Place all above mentioned ingredients in one large bowl and mix gradually to a smooth batter.
  • Heat 2 frying pans with a little bit of oil and add a little bit of the batter to cover the base of pans thinly and evenly.
  • Cook for about one minute till golden brown then turn around with an utensil or if you are brave toss upside down and cook for another minute till golden brown at both sides.
  • Repeat above till all batter is used.
  • Bon appetite!


I always try and have a selection of various fillings for the pancakes. My favourite is a little sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar. However lemon and sugar, chocolate spread, fresh strawberries and cream, vanilla ice-cream and jam are always big success with my fabulous two.

Happy baking and please don’t hold back sharing your favourite recipes. Above all keep creating those happy memories with your family and friends by prepping and sharing food. After all the best memories, most meaningful chats, lots of laugher and celebrations often happen in the kitchen!

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