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An act of kindness

Never under estimate an act of kindness.
Yesterday a total stranger made my day a little bit brighter. A bit more upbeat. A lot more positive.
A stranger who in the eyes of society is a misfit. Placed in the box ‘no good’. A stranger who’s choice of lifestyle is frowned upon. A stranger who’s dress sense is often ridiculed. Yet, this stranger took time out to offer help and a listening ear. This stranger didn’t judge me nor try to take advance of me being a little vulnerable. This stranger made a big difference to my day in a positive way.Never under estimate an act of kindness. Yesterday a friend persisted, to have a chat with me. I tried to dodge the conversation with a quick text saying “I am really busy”. Yet my friend didn’t give up and got hold of me. Talking sense. Making me feel less on my own. Making me smile. A friend who just knew and made time offering that listening ear. A friend who despite being very busy picked up the phone and said: “Hey you are doing? I’m proud of you!”Never under estimate an act of kindness. Today I feel a lot more like my positive, scatty self and got that fire back in my belly. However slightly emotional as my daughter left this morning to start her new adventure at boarding school. Five minutes after Larissa left there was a knock on the door from one of my lovely neighbours, making time before going to work to see if I was okay and to have a quick coffee. Later today a good friend took time out to catch up over lunch. Making me laugh, listening to my stories and offering advice. These wonderful people amongst a few others made my day yet again, a better one!

Never under estimate an act of kindness. to take time out to listen. To lend a helping hand. To praise someone. To  send a random, funny message. To make a phone call. To see if someone is well. So many of us put a mask on and soldier on, which in itself is not a bad thing. However knowing someone out there really cares can make a hell of a difference to your day.

Never under estimate an act of kindness. Often people say it’s a big bad world out there. If we would all start and finish our days with an act of kindness, no matter how big or small, I truly believe people’s lives would be so much more positive and fulfilling.

I feel very blessed with lots lovely people in my life and my two fabulous children. More importantly, I hope my acts of kindness, however big or how small, make a difference to people’s lives too!

Essy.  XX

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