Manchester Gay Pride 2017

Tartan shorts 

Sheer gypsy top 

Knee high socks 

Comfy wedged trainers 


This can only mean one thing. I am ready for an afternoon and night of fun at Manchester Gay Pride and I couldn’t be more excited!

It’s world famous for being an area with many restaurants, bars and clubs that the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, and friends can enjoy their lifestyles, without prejudice. Without a shadow of a doubt , it is one of the liveliest areas in the city and it’s no surprise the Queer as Folk television drama was based there. LGBT tourists from all over the world come to spend time here. A great time is guaranteed for anybody on Canal Street: gay, straight, bisexual or transgender. Myself for one can confirm you will always come home from a night out on the tiles in Canal Street with a big smile on your face, sore feet from dancing non stop and a dozen new buddies for life. Whether you want to go out in an old pair of jeans with a t-shirt and messy hair or turn up dolled up to the max you are guaranteed to feel instantaneously at ease.

The sun was shining bright, which was great for the fabulous parade. Colourful floats with tunes blasting out passed by put together by corporate and non corporate organisations. Months of preparations are put into the performances, themes and costumes and this clearly showed. Your eyes just don’t know where to look first. Charity Super Josh organised a balloon release near the town hall. Super Josh is a charity helping children and their families who have brain tumour and post surgery disabilities. You see, Gay Pride is all inclusive. No one is left out. Just the way the real world should be like!

You cannot help to feel nothing but pure happiness being part of the crowd, where everyone is able to just be and have fun. It’s definitely a day where labels are given the big middle finger and equality rules. A day where you can wear whatever you wish and not be judged. A day where love is too beautiful to be hidden away in a closet and to be ashamed of. A day where prejudice and putting people in a box is being forgotten. A day where we should see the love shared between two people, no matter what gender.
The party definitely wasn’t over after watching the parade and enjoying a drink or two in the glorious sunshine chatting away to strangers who quickly became new friends. As night was drawing in the party mode was switched up a notch. DJ Anton Powers definitely didn’t disappoint with his set where the beautiful Pixie Lot got the crowd jumping.
At the normally overloaded car park was another incredible party till midnight, where you could dance on the rubble of squashed cans and plastic drink cups, and where I for once was happy to have chosen trainers over heels!
After midnight all the clubs and bars were still open for after parties.

Unfortunately I could only attend one out of the three days but what hell of a day! Next year I can be counted on being there for the three full days of fun, laughter and good vibes, making a positive stance against discrimination and violence towards LGBT people and promote their equality rights and most importantly celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance. Hope to see you all there next year too !!

Love always wins.

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  1. Aww I love this Write up Essy , for many years I’ve supported gay pride 🏳️‍🌈 and this year I never went but when I read this article I felt your passion , and also felt like I was there with you . It brought back amazing memories Thankyou so much for sharing and making me smile x

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