Chit Chat

Be Soulful!

Surround yourself with like minded souls.
Those ones that have your back, inspire and make you laugh till you can’t catch your breath.

Those souls that are not afraid to pull you up and give you a telling off when needed to get you back on track.

Those rare souls that know when to give you space or get in touch, just because they know you need a sound board.
The ones that keep you on your toes and want you to be the best version of you.
However, be yourself one of those souls that your friends feel comfortable to be around.
Be one of those rare genuine types that friends look forward to catching up with for a chin wag or a night of madness.
Be that one friend known for not judging or turning your back when the going gets tough.
Most importantly be one of those souls that you yourself feel happy and proud to be around.

Essy xxx

Photographer Glyn Kelly
Make up arist Michael Perks
Hair stylist Claire Kendrick

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