Miss Elegance North 2016/2017 Competition

So a couple of weeks ago I was crazy enough to agree to take part in the Miss Elegance North competition with the aim to go through to the Miss Great British Isle competition. Never ever having participated in any beauty competition I was mega excited but also super nervous I had agreed to take part.

But you know what? Life is too short to refuse new opportunities and I literally had nothing to lose apart from my street credit. Lucky to have met so many lovely people in the Industry over the last two years makeup artist Laura Thompson and hair stylist Claire Kendrick were more than willing to jump on board and beautify me for the event. Not only that these two supportive ladies and hardworking mums offered to come with me to the event for support. On top of that, my beautician friend Lindsy Murphy offered to give me a glowing tan with some perfectly manicured red nails. What could go wrong!

Without going into too much detail quite a few obstacles were thrown my way a couple of days before the big day. From a sponsor pulling out last minute to a specially designed bathing suit going missing in the post. Topping it off with a dress being made for one of the cat walks being a little bit too revealing around the bust area because silly me made a mistake taking the measurements (it’s a continental thing cms instead of inches!) . Hence I ended up pulling an old red number out of the bottom of my wardrobe and running into River Island the morning of the event picking the first bathing suit that caught my eye of the rails and running to the check out, praying it would fit and look kind of elegant enough.

After Laura and Claire prepped me at my home with a ‘lil’ cheeky vodka and lemonade, we had to pack up swiftly to arrive on time in Southport where the event was taking place.

The competition was separated for females in two different age groups. The first was 18 to 28 and the other 28 up to 50 years. Needless to say I was once again the oldest one!

We all had a little run through how to walk on the cat walk and before guests arrived to watch the show we had to pose in front of the four jury members. The atmosphere in the changing room was a combination of nerves and excitement. It was lovely to see how the younger girls got straight on with each other and basically had a total ball. I was lucky to get chatting to quite a few of them and they were all so supportive and full of compliments. Real sweet and just the way I like to younger generation see interact with one another. Luckily all the girls in my category were are lovely and bubbly too.

Anyways nerves started to kick in backstage when the events room started to fill up and the show was about to start. The first walk was in the cocktail dress. I was blessed designer Christine Edson borrowed me a LBD with lace out of her boutique Posers in Liverpool. Of course I posed my ill Dutch booty off for first walk!! The strange thing is I still get uber nervous before a show. To the point where your top teeth are stuck to your lip and your knees tremble! Luckily as soon as my feet are on the cat walk I am totally fine and just pretend in my own little head I am about to enter a club with my crew. Whether that’s a good thing or not I haven’t quite figured out myself!

The following cat walk was in an evening gown. As mentioned before I unfortunately couldn’t get my hands on a designer dress in time and just had grabbed on old-ish Miss Guidance red number from the bottom of my overflowing wardrobe I had worn a few years back. I loved that fact that all females were so helpful getting each other ready. From sharing red lippy to zipping each other up.

When it was time to announce the three winners ups for the final round for Miss Great British Isle in Chester this coming June that feeling of nerves kicked in again! Looking around me at all the other girls I just wondered how on earth you could pick a winner and two runner ups. All the girls looked so beautiful, all so different, various styles and characteristics. This competition didn’t allow you to have a little talk about yourself so I assume all was based purely on your walk, your individual looks and dress style. So when my name Essy (they left the ‘Van Der Vlies’ bit off and I can’t blame them!) got shouted out that I became third and through to the final I really couldn’t believe it! Especially because of the lack of sleep through things going so wrong a few days before the competition. Also not being able to have worn what I had in mind I really didn’t feel my best that day. I am not going to pretend I wasn’t pleased I got through to next round. However looking around me at all the other girls in my eyes each and every single one of them participating that day was a winner, a princess and a true beauty.

I am super pleased to have been picked to go through to the final round with beautiful runner up Miss Liverpool Vicky Lock and winner the bubbly stunning miss North Jay Reilly.

For me it’s back to the drawing board for three kick ass outfits and trying to get some much needed beauty sleep in for the big day! Most importantly let’s just go and have lots of fun!

Wish me luck!

Essy xxx


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