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I still find it kinda weird, how I rolled into the modelling world by total accident just over two years ago, at 42 years of age and at a crossroads in my life.

I have since found modelling very therapeutic. A way to express myself and to work on some self worth/confidence issues. I’ve met wonderful people, who have become a part of my inner circle. I truly love modelling and the creative buzz around it.

However, what I love so much more about modelling is meeting new people from all walks of life. People with their own stories and passions. Getting to know other people out there with their own hang ups and trying to help and support each other to become more balanced and comfortable in our own skin. Trying to inspire others to go for what they truly love doing whether it’s writing, gardening, picking up a musical instrument or enrolling on a new course.

I just wish I can continue with my future plans and hopefully reach out to those that would benefit from inspiration for some self worth,  self confidence and self love.

Have a lovely Sunday you all !

Essy xxx

Photographer Glyn Kelly – Make up artist Micheal Perks – Hair stylist Claire Kendrick – Designer Chio Ohajuru


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